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Konekti beta

Cross device, modular, and powerful platform for faster and easier web application development.

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Introducing Konekti

Made by bundles

Supported by OSGi, de facto Java Modular Standard, allows you to scale the platform to your needs in a controlled manner

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HTML5 Interface

Let you move even the most demanding applications to the web platform with ease. No need for installations or plug-ins

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Business ready

Having all tools and common logic demanded by any enterprise application, developing becomes ease and fast

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The mobile devides opens the range of machine to machine solutions. Now you can get it real and integrated in your enterprise system

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The platform

All the previous features packaged all together and deployed in any OSGi based server powers you to customize the system at any level you want.

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Open source

No doubt the best model to share tecnology and to have a supporting community.

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